Thinking of adding a special touch to your plated dinner? How about a beautiful cheese course for guests to enjoy after their entree. This classic component of an elegant plated dinner can add flare to your event and make your guests feel well taken care of.

To get started, decide if you would like guests to be served an individual plate of a specialty crafted cheese array, or platters passed family style to encourage guest interaction. Once service style is decided, it’s time to choose the cheeses.

Dating back hundreds of years, the classic French cheese course usually offers a minimum of three cheeses, each representing a different type of milk (cow, goat or sheep’s milk) or a different family of cheese. But don’t feel weighed down by tradition – feel free to explore your own tastes and aesthetic. Choose your favorite style as a starting point and have an expert help you choose additional cheeses. Why not visit your local cheese shop and taste away?

Once the cheeses are chosen, the fun begins with accompaniments. Some of my favorites which add a delicious touch and also color to the display are:

Port Wine Poached Figs
Sweet Tomato Confit
Fig Preserve
Candied Walnuts
Truffle Honey
Balsamic Sauteed Pear

Pair with beautiful wines and guests will be impressed and enlightened with this classic course.