Looking to wow guests at your next event? We are so excited to announce our newest interactive food station: The Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Station.

We are constantly on the look-out for imaginative food concepts to make guest experiences at our events a truly unique culinary experience. In keeping with that tradition, our newest station mixes a little molecular gastronomy, delicious home-made ice cream and a lot of wow factor to create excitement at your event.

To begin, our chefs mix our ice cream base, with fresh cream, vanilla bean, and our house-made creme anglais. Guests can choose mix-ins or additions – at this particular event, we offered coffee, chocolate chips, fresh berries, raspberry liquor, coffee liquor, oreo crumbles and cognac. We then add liquid nitrogen, which at -350F, begins to immediately freeze the mixture while guests look on. Guests watch while their ice cream is made fresh – producing the creamiest ice cream with fresh ingredients served in mini waffle cups or mini cones.

Catering: Omni Catering
Lighting/Draping: LBPS Events
Photography: Rewind Photography